So much love and power to Black mothers in America and Palestinian mothers in the West Bank and Gaza.

You all are so brave, so resilient and so beautiful. Raising children and creating homes of love in perpetual warzones. Utterly indebted, this world owes you so much more.

Iraqi civilian death toll passes 5,500 in wake of Isis offensive


In its report, the UN mission to Iraq says at least 5,576 civilians were killed and another 11,665 wounded from 1 January until the end of June. Another 1.2 million have been driven from their homes by the violence, it adds.

I am literally physically sick from seeing this. And I wish I knew why it was so difficult to find a master list of the names of the Iraqis.

I will never truly understand why coverage of Iraq is so sparse and why numbers of Iraqi human lives taken are always just numbers and not dignified by names…because they are actually humans.

I am aching for my people. And I am fucking angry at ISIS’s disgusting inhumanity. And  frustrated at the amount of apathy that the world has for Iraq.

We need more representation of brown girls in animation/animated films and I mean proper representation none of that “oriental”, “exotic”, westernized white washed and stereotypical princess jasmine crap where the culture and historical settings are messed up.